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What Sunglasses Fit Your Face?

What Sunglasses Fit Your Face?

It’s the age-old question: How do you find the perfect pair of sunnies that not only protect your eyes but also level up your style?

When it comes to protection the answer is simple - quality lenses are a must have to ensure both comfort and safety. Vuarnet lenses are both impact and scratch resistant and promise superior UV and blue light protection with undistorted clarity and colour rendering. For more info on choosing the right lens for you head over to our lens page here.

But what about style? Identifying your face shape is the first step in achieving your ultimate sunglass look. Knowing which frames are going to flatter your face will help you pick a style that brings out your best features whilst leaving room for your own personal flare. But beware, this is not a fail-safe system. Our facial features are part of what makes us unique so more often than not you’ll find yourself tossing up between whether you’re one shape or another. Instead, use this article as a guide to narrow down your options and then infuse your own personality where you see fit. It’s all about feeling good whilst looking good.

Here are the five main face shapes:


Face Shapes - Square
Square faces often showcase a structured forehead with angular features that cut a clean line straight down to a striking jawline.

These faces are best styled by complementing their sharp features with a slim rounded or oval-shaped frame. Coloured frames also pop against the angles of a square face to create an effortlessly cool look. 

Vuarnet District 2001 | On Mountain


Face Shapes - Round
People with round faces typically have youthful, full cheeks with a soft jawline that is proportional to their forehead.

These faces are best flattered by angular frames that work to balance the softness of their features. For a clean, sporty statement, choose a sharp angular frame. Or, for a cool, subtle look, go for a softer angular frame.

 Vuarnet District 2007 | On Mountain

Vuarnet District 2002 | On Mountain NZ


Face Shapes - Heart
The timeless look of a heart-shaped face is usually defined by high cheek bones and a wider brow that narrows down towards the chin.

This face-shape is highly versatile and unique to each wearer, so finding the right sunglasses for a heart-shape can get down to the nitty gritty. Generally, these faces should look for a frame with subtle end pieces that extend slightly wider than the forehead. If you’re sporting a narrower chin, go for a bottom-heavy version of these frames. For a larger forehead, lower set temples can help draw your proportions downwards. Light coloured or rimless frames are also a trendy option for heart-shaped faces as they help emphasise the face’s unique features.

 Vuarnet Legend 03 | On Mountain NZ


Face Shapes - Triangle
The opposite of heart-shaped faces, triangular faces have a strong wider jawline that narrows upwards towards the forehead.

The key for this shape is to draw attention to the eyes and forehead. Both round and angular frames will look mint on a triangle, particularly styles that are bold at the top and subtle at the bottom such as an aviator, D-frame or cat-eye. And if you want that trademark Vuarnet French retro vibe try a keyhole brow bridge.

 Vuarnet District 2103 | On Mountain NZ


Face Shapes - Oval
Oval faces typically have wider cheekbones and soft rounded features that slightly narrow inwards at the forehead and chin. These faces hit the sunglasses jackpot since most frames will look great against their dimensions. However, this means it can be tricky to pinpoint the frame that suits your individual look the best.

Frames should bring out the natural attractiveness of the face by balancing its strong and weak features whilst reflecting the wearer’s personality. Show your edgier side with an aviator or go for a sharp angular look for boldness. For a classic feel opt for a D-frame or if you’re looking for a more lax feel hit up some rounded frames.

Vuarnet District 2101 | On Mountain NZ

Now that you’ve narrowed down your style options go forth and pick a frame that really feels like you or even push the boat out and try something a little different. And, if you’re keen on something that doesn’t follow your shape’s “rules”, then screw the rules, go for what makes you feel good!

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