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The Best Retainers to Save Your Sunnies

The Best Retainers to Save Your Sunnies

What even are sunglass retainers? We started the search for a solution to keep your glasses connected to your head after losing a 20 year old pair Vuarnet sunglasses off the side of a boat! Devastation of losing a pair of classics aside- we didn't want to be in this situation again.

Once we started our mission of finding the best sunglass straps available we were blown away by the variety of product and different needs these retainers met. Once we came across Chums we knew the search was over.

Chums produces the best quality sunglass retainers on the market and a huge amount of optical accessories to protect and to care for your glasses. Based in Hurricane Utah in the US of A. They can produce 15,000 retainers a day in their American based operation. The history and product development plus in house manufacturing puts Chums above everybody else in the market- They stand behind their product and we are proud to work with them!

A few of our favourite key retainers we recommend are:


Chums Original Upcycled Cotton Retainer. | On Mountain NZ
The Upcycled Retainer

 The classic cotton retainer we all know and love. Made from up-cycled cotton and post consumer recycled PET bottles its the eco friendly option. 


Chums Glass Float Classic Retainer | On Mountain NZ
The Glass Float Classic Retainer
The best option for people kayaking/paddle boarding as well as being on the boat! If it ends up in the water it is going to float so you can scoop it up- no more lost glasses.


Chums Universal 3mm Retainer | On Mountain NZ
The 3mm Rope Retainer
This here is slim fitting - in some cool super colourful options this becomes a bit more of a statement while still getting the job done. We also have our Slip Fit Retainer in the same fun and bold colour ways- only this time sliding onto the temple rather than the end of your sunnies.  


Chums Adjustable Orbiter Retainer | On Mountain NZ
The Adjustable Orbiter Strap
The Orbiter is safe with no hanging tails or loose pieces and made of a lightweight aluminium- you can fit it as tight as you want it to be and you wont even know its there. 
Chums Neoprene Retainer | On Mountain NZ
The Neoprene Sunglass Strap
Another classic, our Neoprene Sunglass Strap is quick dry when it gets wet and light weight - the OG retainer for days outdoors.



Chums Suede and Leather Retainer | On Mountain NZ
For the urban adventure we have our Suede and Leather Retainers these guys are slip fit attaching to the temple off the side of the sunglasses.


 Vuarnet Cord Eyewear Strap and Retainer | On Mountain
From our Vuarnet range we also have the classic Black Cotton Sunglass Strap and our sleek slip fit Vuarnet Flag Cord retainer.


The above are a few of the key eyewear retainers we use and recommend. We have a huge amount of options available online-  have a hunt and if you cant find what you want drop us a line at

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