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Choosing your Vuarnet Lenses

Vuarnet has been handcrafting 100% Mineral Glass lenses since 1957. Made in Meaux, France; Vuarnet mineral lenses are natural and recyclable in comparison to the plastic and polycarbonate used by most eyewear brands.

With added Polarised or Lynx technologies, Vuarnet lenses can guarantee the highest level of Protection, Precision, and Comfort. The wide range of lens colours offers benefits to help enhance your vision in any situation. To find the right lens for you follow our handy guide below.




Sea Lenses
Our polarised lenses are particularly suitable for the sea, river, lake and all nautical activities. They help avoid glare and ensure optical clarity even in the face of ocean spray, sweat and rain thanks to their oleophobic treatment.
- Polarised to remove glare on the water 
- Made primarily for aquatic sports and the marine environment

- Colour enhancing
- Maximum protection against blinding glares
- Oil and Water Repellant
Recommended Lenses

Our Polarised lenses are available in...
Polar Blue
Polar Brown
Polar Grey
Also available with Mirror Flash, and Polarlynx (Bi-Shaded Mirror)



Universal lenses

You want a universal sunglasses adapted to all environments, especially in the city? Choose our Pure lenses that combine protection, high definition vision and increased visual comfort. They exist in Brown and Grey.

- Ideal for driving and urban activities
- A universal lens
- Natural Colour Rendering

Recommended Lenses
Our universal lenses are available in...
Pure Brown
Pure Grey
(Also available with Mirror Flash)




Ski Lenses

Specifically designed for mountaineering and the snow sport aficionado, our Lynx bi-shaded mirror lenses offer high-contrast vision and deliver enhanced depth perception even on snowy days, while our Eclipse lens provides our highest level of protection as a Category 4 lens.

- Ideal for Large spaces, the mountain, and golfing
- Soft warm tint and contrasted colour vision
- Offers an enhanced perfection of relief

Recommended Lenses
Our specialist ski lenses are available in...
Skilynx (Yellow base)
Brownlynx (Brown base)
Greylynx (Grey Base)
Eclipse (Brown Base - Cat. 4)




Night Lenses

Do you drive at night or in foggy weather? Our Category 1 Nightlynx lens provides increased vision in low light conditions. Nightlynx considerably improves contrast and depth perception.

- Specialist lens designed for low light conditions
- Improves depth perception
- Increased contrast in low visibility, foggy, and cloudy conditions

Recommended Lenses

Our specialist night lens is available in...
Nightlynx (Category 1)



With 100% mineral lenses, Vuarnet provides a superior clarity with pure, clear vision without distortion. Tinted in the mass of the glass as opposed to a coating on the surface, Vuarnet lenses are scratch and shock resistant whereas Polycarbonate glasses are susceptible to scratches and distortion.

Vuarnet Lenses filter out 100% of harmful UV rays (Including UVA, UVB, UVC), up to 99% of damaging blue light, and are the only lenses in the world to absorb up to 94% of Infrared light. With this level of protection, your eyes are not only protected against heat and drying out, but also from glare and reflections, with mirror treatments to the lens and anti-reflective coatings on the inner surface. 

Polarised lenses filter and block glare coming from a surface. While these lenses are popular amongst boating and marine enthusiasts, fishing enthusiasts, snow sports enthusiasts, runners, cyclists and drivers, it is important to note that polarised lenses can reduce the visibility of some digital screens and LCD displays.

If you need more help choosing the right lens for you, or want to know more about our Vuarnet Prescription RX program get in touch with us at