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Introducing Sam Smoothy

Introducing Sam Smoothy

Introducing Sam Smoothy: a man of style of taste. Traveling the globe from Alaska to Hawaii to Mt Aspiring, his Vuarnets have been dear travel companions on many a mission.

Sam Smoothy wearing Edge Round Vuarnet Sunglasses

The Glacier Model took him up to the top of the West Ridge of Mt Avalanche (sounds sketchy) and a ski descent of Mt Aspiring. The Edge Rounds have been perfect on Lake Wanaka in ‘Summer’.

Sam Smoothy Ski Accomplishments

We are also super fired up for the new Teton Gravity flick ‘MAKE BELIEVE’ which captures the best storm cycle of his life (big call) all on film. Looks like it is snowing as we speak, plenty to get excited about…

- On Mountain Team -

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