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Anti Chafe Body Stick

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Dermatone's Anti-Chafe Stick was developed from our original Swedish formula for long-lasting skin protection, but formulated without active SPF ingredients for all the areas on the body where the sun don’t shine! Our anti-bacterial and fragrance free anti-chafing stick can also be used to stop irritation and blisters from shoes, gear, and other irritants.

Perfect for endurance sports like running, biking, trialthlons, marathons, hiking, riding, surfing and everyday use.

Long lasting and sweat-resistant, our anti-chafe balm is effective everywhere skin is rubbed by skin, fabric or footwear. Our unique formula keeps pores clog free so your skin can breath and sweat can escape.

Dermatone Body Anti-Chafe Stick is formulated with natural ingredients to sooth, moisturize and protect your skin while creating an invisible barrier that helps prevent against friction and chafing. Apply to areas where friction can be an issue like feet, thighs, chest, and armpits, and your skin will be protected dry and comfortable.

  • Non-Greasy and Moisturizing
  • Fragrance Free
  • Paraben Free and Cruelty Free
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Small No-Touch twist stick fits easily anywhere
  • .49 oz pkg
  • Made in the USA