Heated Socks With Battery

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Seger Shs-Ski Mid 01 Complete. Forget cold feet with Seger Heat System SHS-Ski 01! Seger has collaborated with Inuheat to develop an alpine sock with an inbuilt heated panel so you can regulate the warmth with your smartphone. The Seger Sense HEAT is made from a merino wool mix with a compression functionality for a durable fit that is super comfortable. Jersey stitching and minimal toe seams increase the comfort. The battery for the heated panels is under an elastic band and the inbuilt metal threads conduct the heat from the toe to the rest of the sock.
You control the heat with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The battery has up to 8 hours of life and takes 45 minutes to charge. The charger comes with the sock and is easily connected to your computer or a plug socket via USB. Charge the batteries and hit the cold weather with no fear of having cold feet!
The pack contains the socks, two batteries and the charger.