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  • Unclassified - Eiger Paracord Keychain
    Unclassified - Eiger Paracord Keychain

    Eiger Paracord Keychain


    Be prepared in case of emergency and look good doing it. The Eiger paracord survival keychain is made of 550-lb. rated parachute cord with 12 core ...

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  • Unclassified - Chimney Fire Starter

    Chimney Fire Starter


    Double barrel firestone for more spark Folds closed to keep included tinder dry Striker doubles as a bottle opener 10 feet of 550-lb. parachute co...

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  • Unclassified - Quencher Keychain Tool
    Unclassified - Quencher Keychain Tool

    Quencher Keychain Tool


    Optimize your pocket real estate: Low profile Bottle opener Flat style for easy use Use opener to Hang On

  • Unclassified - Tasker Keychain
    Unclassified - Tasker Keychain

    Tasker Keychain


    Optimize your pocket real estate: Low profile English & metric rulers Phillips and slot screwdrivers Bottle opener

  • Unclassified - Floating Keychain

    Floating Keychain


    The Floating Keychain fits over your wrist so you don't lose your keys while on the water. If you happen to go overboard and lose your keys the Flo...

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  • Unclassified - Boat Float Keychain

    Boat Float Keychain


    Floats 43g (1.5 oz.) Non-slip surface Highly visible in water Floats up to three keys

  • Unclassified - Beartooth Survival Tool
    Unclassified - Beartooth Survival Tool

    Beartooth Survival Tool


    420 stainless steel knife Screwdriver Bottle Opener 9 feet of 550-lb. parachute cord SAE, metric, oxygen, and spoke wrenches Survival Kit Contains...

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